Let me introduce the mighty bacteria

While I was busy reducing tangle indexes at work and pumping my CV in the free time, I received a pleasant surprise from one of my personal project’s statistics page (the project I am most proud of). In the section called “top referring sites” a link stands out: http://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/blog/Playing-with-Bacteria-virtuallywith-the-BacteriaSimulation-project has 173 occurrences — at the time that I am writing. In a project with a bare front page and no documentation, either it is a spam attack or something weird has happened. It turned out that the latter was the case: a guy from Channel9 (and that means MSDN, in my mind), liked my project and wrote a short post about it the Coding4Fun blog. My intention was to do it later but this seems the perfect time to present BacteriaSimulation, a simulation environment for software bacteria.

The project started out as a testbed for practicing Windows Phone 8 applications. It rapidly grew into an extensible simulation environment to be used both as a basis to build mobile games and a system in which running visual simulations of evolving animal populations. At least, this two have become the main objectives of the project.

The project is still in progress, it has some problems (such as the lack of documentation) and some features are not very stable. A Windows Phone 8 app is still waiting to be published to the store. Nonetheless, I look forward to make it better. More news on the project will follow on this blog.


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