Moving the blog

After almost 8 months of intermittent work and experiments, It’s finally official: the blog is being moved to a new self-hosted, completely independent location.
From now on the CodeVomit blog will be available at, inside a brand new shining application built by me: Bootlog.

The site is currently in “open beta”, meaning that it is under active development. It may have bugs and be subject to obvious improvements. If you experience issues or have ideas about simple improvements, I guess you can just leave a comment. If you really want to piss me off, you can even open an issue on GitHub.

If you are curious about the reasons that made me switch from WordPress to a different application, you can read A brief history of MiBECoM, an excerpt from one of my failing attempts, and Why Bootlog, the first post I published in the new blog.

Finally, a closing remark. I could have used Jeckyll, you might object. Why not? The real reason is that I wanted to start a new project that could keep me busy and give me a good benchmark to improve my skills. The blog application seemed like the perfect way to combine the need for a new blogging platform with my will to work on a real world system. Not to mention that it feels good to build your own stuff.