This is a blog about CodeVomit. According to Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc., CodeVomit is

The code created on a HeroCulture project by heroic coders.
CodeVomit is code churned out thousands of lines at a time, sometimes using CopyAndPasteProgramming, but usually by just brain dumping onto the keyboard. CodeVomit is created because it is believed that the system still does not work because there is not enough code written, therefore more code must be written as quickly as possible in order to meet the deadlines. If the system still does not work, the process iterates. CodeVomit requires ManDays to create. The more ManDays you have, the more code you can write. Therefore, extremely large teams of heroic coders are beneficial to the creation of CodeVomit.
Activities such as thinking about the problem consume ManDays and interfere with the production of CodeVomit, and are therefore frowned upon on truly heroic projects.

The monkey is our spirit animal since it represents the stolid confidence and the nonsense perseverance that every good developer should have.


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