To the Store and beyond


The Windows Phone 8 GUI of the BacteriaSimulation project has finally made its way to the App Store:

The app stands out with an astonishing zero download count and a troll comment (in italian) by one of my friends. I received several feedbacks, mostly by my colleagues and friends. The most commonly asked question is: “It’ cool but… what is its purpose?”. I’ve learned to answer politely to this one but my first reaction has been something like: are you kidding me? What’s the purpose of chess, what’s the purpose of art? What’s the purpose of anything that’s fun and challenging? If everyone had ever thought like this, we would still live inside caves. “Hey, what’s the purpose of those strange figures you’ve just drawn on the cave’s walls?”. But now the standard answer is more like: “It’s an extensible environment bla bla bla” or, more probably, “it’s fun”.

Another favorite question is “It would be nice if it was possible to (control the bacteria | make an Android version | bring it to 3D | have a better icon | …), why don’t you do that?”. Why don’t you help me doing that? I am “hiring” people to add new features and become rich out of the project. I mean rich. Not joking. Join me.